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Hello, my name is Kyle. I am a junior in high school and a first year member of FFA. The whole FFA thing is new to me, and Iím not really sure how everything works. I am involved in many activities outside FFA. Some of which include Spanish Club, Science Club, and Key Club. My SAE project is my job at Royal Inn Pizza. I have worked there since the end of last school year, and I intend to work there until I graduate. I say this because it is a stress reliever with my family. I donít like being at home. So far FFA has been an awesome experience. I would encourage any one who is interested in joining FFA to do so. Itís a great way to make new friends. Hi! My name is Mary. I am sophmore at Chillicothe High School and in my second year of FFA. I have been active in many FFA activities. I have had the opportunity to go to American Royal, District Contest at Maryville, State Contest, and State Convention at Columbia. I hold the Greenhand Degree and the Chapter Degree. I have received a Gold Medal rating at state for Dairy Foods competition. I am also the Assistant Officer Reporter. My SAE project is ownership of my horse. My family has owned horses for five years and it is my responsibility to take care of them. I also had the opportunity to show some chickens at the Livingston County Fair. Besides FFA, I am also involved in tennis, Key Club, Student Council, and SADD. FFA has taught me many important skills needed for adult life, including: responsibility, dedication, team work, and many other leadership skills.
Hello, my name is Heidi. I am a senior of Chillicothe High School. This year is my fourth year of FFA. I hold the Chapter Degree.

In the past, my SAE project was a rabbit and my job. Today, my SAE is just my Jack Russell dog. Other activities Iím involved in besides FFA are CHS Select (choir), CHS players and my Church Youth Group. Things I enjoy about FFA are making new friends and all the activities. The activities I enjoy are American Royal, FFA Week, some of the meetings and many more. Some classes I really enjoyed were Landscaping and Animal Science. I highly recommend everyone to join FFA. It is a lot of fun and you donít only learn new things you make many friends.

Hi my name is Tim. I am a sophomore at CHS and a member of the FFA. In FFA, I have received my chapter degree. I plan to go to college after high school and become a State Patrolman. During my freshman year, I had a SAE project that consisted of 2 market hogs. I plan to have hogs my whole high school career. Some of the other activities that I am in is FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) and the Hunting and Fishing Club. I like being in FFA it is a fun club to be in and if you get in FFA in high school you should be in your high school year. FFA is fun with all the AG teachers are nice.
Hi! My name is Brooklyn. I am a sophomore at CHS, and I am in my second year of FFA. I am the Assistant Chaplain Officer for the Chillicothe FFA Chapter. I currently hold the Chapter Degree.

My SAE project is raising and showing two crossbreed market lambs. My plans for the future are to go to the University of Missouri and major in Journalism. My freshman year in FFA was very fun! I participated in Barnwarming, American Royal, Creed Speaking, the Officer Retreat, and the Leadership Adventure. Activities I am involved in other than FFA include: softball, basketball, track, student council, and SADD.

Being in FFA has given me life-long experiences I will never forget; it is a great way to meet new people and be involved with the community. It also gives you many opportunities that you could not experience otherwise. I encourage everyone to be involved in the FFA.

Hello my name is Casey. I am a sophomore at Chillicothe High School. I am a member of the Chillicothe FFA and currently hold the Chapter FFA Degree.

My SAE is mowing a vacant lot and mowing two other yards, as well as life guard at Grand Oaks. I plan on continuing to expand my SAE project. I am involved in football and baseball. I like going to American Royal and Barnwarming. I like Ag Construction one and Ag Landscaping.

My name is Derrick, and I live in Chillicothe, Missouri. I am in the Chillicothe FFA Chapter and a 10th grader at Chillicothe High School. After high school, I plan to attend North Central Missouri College for two years, and then transfer to Missouri Western in St. Joseph. In FFA, my SAE is working at Lindleyís Funeral Home and mowing yards. Some of my activities besides FFA are: fishing, hunting, and Church Youth Group. Hello, I am Katie, a sophomore at Chillicothe High School. My parents are Ed and Cathy Daugherty of Chillicothe. I have received the State Bank Award, Beef Production Award, first place at State with the Ag Literacy team, Star Green hand, and two gold eagle awards. My SAE consist of beef, swine, and equine production as well as my job at the Grand 6 Movie Theater. I am involved in 4-H; I perform with my guitar at local churches all over town and some outside of town. I enjoy exhibiting at the fairs and making friends from other towns and states. I would definitely want people to join the FFA to share the experiences.
Hello, my name is Erica, and I am a high school Senior. In FFA, I have earned and currently hold the FFA Chapter Degree. My parents were also in FFA and are FFA alumni.

My SAE is my horses and my job at Hy-Vee. I have five Missouri Foxtrotters. I show at least one of them each year at the Livingston County Fair. I also show at a few local horse shows, from time-to-time. At Hy-Vee I do a lot of different jobs, but I mainly work at Customer Service.

In FFA, I participate in lots of activities. I show horses and also go to the FFA meetings. In the past, I have attended such things as barnwarming, the American Royal Trip and also State Convention. I have also participated in a few contest teams, including the Horse Judging Team and the Dairy Foods Team.

FFA has been a fun experience for me and has provided me with many skills that will prepare me for the future. I encourage everyone to join FFA.

My name is Shane, and I am a sophomore at CHS and a member of the Chillicothe FFA Chapter. I recently moved to Chillicothe from Columbia where I was also a member of the FFA. I think the FFA is a good thing for students because it teaches responsibility and respect. It is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. The FFA also opens opportunities for all people, not just farmers. My SAE project is raising 40 acres of soybeans.
Hi my name is P.J. I am in 10th grade at CHS and I am in the FFA.  My SAE is ownership. I own two steers. My plans for the future are to go to collage and become a mechanic. Besides the FFA I play football. I also like to hunt and fish. My favorite hunting is bow hunting and my favorite thing to fish for is bass. Another thing I like to do is team rope.
I like the FFA because you get to work out side. I also like the trips we take. 
Article coming soon!
Howdy! Iím Katie! I am a Sophmore at Chillicothe High School and a member in the FFA! I plan to graduate and raise llamas. During my year in the FFA I went to many different activities such as barnwarming, American royal, the Christmas party, and the Chautauqua. This summer I would like to attend FFA camp. Since I have started in the FFA I have met new friends! I even found out that Iím related to some people in the FFA.

My SAE project is working with pigs. My uncle is the owner of the pigs. It has been fun working with them. I found out that you have to be strong and not scared of the pigs because they can knock you down if you are not careful. It's very hard working with the pigs. Its also hard working with my wonderful cousins.

Hello! My name is Matt. I am currently a sophomore at CHS and I am a second year member of the Chillicothe FFA chapter. After high school I plan to go to college at Trenton for two years and then attend another college for two years.

In FFA my SAE project is two mares and one gelding. One of my mares is about twenty-five years old, the other is about nine years old. My gelding is a year and about four months. We have about six acres of pasture and I usually have around three hundred square bales a year. I enjoy my SAE project so much. Things I enjoy about FFA are going to the Litton Center, the GRTS, and the Christmas party. Other activities I enjoy besides being in FFA are hunting and fishing.

My name is Adam. I am a sophomore at CHS and a member of the Chillicothe FFA Chapter. Over the past two years I have learned a lot of new things. You have many opportunities to do all different kinds of activities in FFA. I have been to the American Royal and it was a great experience. I have enjoyed many things in FFA.

My SAE project is swine and I plan to do it my next three years. It has been a fun and very hardworking experience. I have enjoyed being in FFA and advise people who have given a thought to joining FFA to join it is a great experiences.

Hi! My name is Allie. I am a junior at CHS and an active member of the Chillicothe FFA.

After high school I plan to go to college, but I have not decided on my major yet. I currently hold the Chapter FFA degree and I have received the Gold Eagle Leadership award for the past two years. Other awards I have received while in FFA are the Jay Banhart award, and the Chillicothe FFA Alumni Award.

My freshman year I was a member of the Knowledge team that went to state and my sophomore year I was a member of the Parliamentary Procedure team. Also my freshman year I served as the assistant vice president and now I am a 2nd Vice president of the chapter officers.

My SAE projects are showing and raising pigs and also my job at Westlake ACE Hardware. I am also a member of the Double H 4-H club. FFA has taught me many leadership skills and skills I can use in life also.

Hi! My name is Andrea, and I am Junior at the Chillicothe High School. I have been a member of the FFA for three years. 

My freshman year I was on the dairy foods team we went to state. I was a Junior officer my sophomore year. I was on the parliamentary procedure team we went to state. Now I am a junior now I have received the gold eagle award for two years, the State Bank award, Singer Locker award, Reeds Seeds award. I have attended state FFA camp. I went to National FFA convention.

I am currently a CHS football cheerleader and have been since the eighth grade. After graduating from high school, I plan to attend 4 to 6 years at University of Missouri. 

Hi, my name is Marcus. I am a sophomore at CHS and a member of the FFA. I have no definite plans for after high school and I am not certain of what I am going to do, yet.

During my freshman year in FFA, I participated in several different activities. I went to Barnwarming, American royal, and this past summer the FFA camp was all filled up so we didnít go but I plan on going this year.

My SAE project is the ownership of two goats. My family has owned goats since I was 13 years old. I have been responsible for their care ever since then. Having an SAE project teaches a person financing, organization, and responsibility that one will need at some point in life.

Being a member of FFA is a great way to be involved with the community. One does not need to live on a farm in the country for the FFA. Any member of the FFA is introduced to many opportunities that can affect one throughout their being.

Hello, my name is Lynda. I am a senior at Chillicothe High School and have a Chapter Degree in the Chillicothe FFA.

My SAE project for the first two years was my horse but during my junior year, I changed my project to dogs. I bred our Pembroke Welsh Corgi female and sold her puppies. I also showed the Corgi at the Livingston County Fair this summer at the dog show. She placed third in obedience and first in showmanship. I plan on showing her in some bigger shows. I also kept one of her female puppies and plan to show her in obedience and agility. I also plan to breed both Corgis later on.

All the classes and activities in FFA have been fun. I have really enjoyed being a member of FFA and look forward to the activities and shows this year.

Hi my name is Bobby I am a sophomore at CHS and I am also a member in FFA. I go to most of the activities like meetings, and I also like going to American Royal and other fun activities.

My SAE is going around my neighbor hood helping neighbors do anything they need help on. In the future for my SAE I will mow lawns. 

Things I enjoy about FFA is going to the meetings. I also going to far away trips such American royal. I also enjoy having Ag classes at the Vo-Tech such as Ag crops, Ag construction. I think FFA is a good organization to be in you really get involved in helping and having fun. I like FFA a lot.

Hi! My name is Jamie. I am a sophomore at Chillicothe High School. I am a second year member in the Chillicothe FFA. My current officer position is the Assistant Officer President.

In my freshman year in the FFA, I made it to district competition in Prepared Public Speaking. I was also a member of the dairy foods team that made it to the state competition. I also attended Barnwarming, the American Royal, and the Missouri FFA Convention.

My SAE is showing swine. I took three hogs to the Missouri State Fair and one of them got first in its class. I plan on showing hogs throughout my FFA career. Other extracurricular activities I am involved in are band, Academic Team, Student Council, CHS Players, the CHS STINGER, and Chilli Peppers.

In FFA, I get to go to many fun activities like petting zoos and Barnwarming. FFA is a great organization to be a part of. It has taught me about responsibility and more about agriculture. I am extremely proud to say that Iím in the FFA.

Hi, my name is Jacob. Iím a junior at the Chillicothe High School. Besides participating in the FFA, I love acting and being not only in school plays but also taking role in City Stage. Besides acting, I enjoy participating in the academic team, choir, and smaller groups and organizations.

As a freshman, my SAE project included one female canine. As of now I currently own 2 canines, one breeding sow, sheep, and two jobs, all a part of my project. In the future I hope to enhance in the quantity of all my livestock and also begin my beef production.

As an FFA member, I currently hold my chapter degree and as a sophomore I received the Agronomy Award. I have always been active in FFA, because itís a wise investment of my time. FFA has helped me in many ways: helping me become more financially independent, and not relying so much on mom and dad with financial obligations; most important, the boost of confidence it gave me in order to achieve my goals.

In the near future, I either plan to join the National Guard as an MP, and work toward receiving a degree in criminal justice, then at some point join, the law enforcement at a federal level. As another desire, attend college, work towards my degree in theatre, and become a professional actor. 
These goals may seem very high and the expectations maybe overwhelming, but Iím willing to meet the challenges that are ahead, because I know, Iím not alone.

Hello, my name is Geana. I am currently a member of the Chillicothe FFA chapter and a junior at CHS. I have been in FFA for three years. My first year in FFA, I went to state in the creed speaking contest. My second year our parliamentary procedure team went to state. My SAE project is cattle, rabbits, and I work at Grand 6. I am a Varsity football cheerleader at CHS. I am a second vice president in our chapter and I was an assistant officer my sophomore year. My sophomore year, I was also the Barnwarmming candidate - all together we raised over $23,000. Through FFA I have been to National Convention, American Royal, State Convention, and State FFA camp. Through the FFA I have met people from all different states and new people from Missouri. FFA is a lot of fun. Hello, my name is Chad. I am a senior at Chillicothe High School. I have my chapter degree in the FFA.

My SAE consist of poultry and fowl. I started out with four guineas. Now I currently have 40 birds. I plan to grow to a flock of 65 birds. I also work at our local McDonalds.

I enjoy the ag classes I have and have taken. I also like Barnwarming, American Royal, and FFA week.

Hi, my name is Justin. I am sophomore at Chillicothe High School and a member of FFA. I have my chapter degree in FFA.

This year I had 2 crossbred market lambs for my SAE project. I plan to have animals again this year. I have been to the American royal, and I am a member in the hunting and fishing club. I participated in the county fair. Where I sold my lambs. This year I am in Ag construction 1 and AG landscaping.

Hi, Iím Kaley. I am a sophomore at Chillicothe High School and a member of the FFA. I hold the Greenhand FFA degree and I am working on my Chapter degree. I am the Assistant Officer Parliamentarian. I was the Freshman Barnwarming attendant last year.

My SAE project consists of two market hogs and a horse. I have had a great time in FFA over the past year. My favorite activities have been Barnwarming and American Royal.

Hello! My name is April, and Iím a Senior at Chillicothe High School and a second vice-president of the FFA. My SAE (supervised agricultural experience) is my horse, two goats, and three dogs. My plans for next year are to get at least two more goats and have one of them become Grand Champion. This year I trained one of my goats to shake hands, it was hard work, but it taught both of us some patience. I documented all of my progress with the goats, which resulted in my keeping better records. This year Iím taking Small Animal Science and Ag Management 1. Besides FFA, Iím involved in FCA, 4-H, SADD, Key Club, Spanish Club, tennis, and I am a member of Choraliers. I really enjoy Ag and encourage everyone to join. Hello my name is Ethan. I am in the 11th grade, and I hold the chapter degree.

My SAE includes beef cattle and crops I plan on increasing my herd and acreage this fall.

I am involved in the hunting and fishing club where I shoot trap. I also am involved in the 4-H groups trap team. I enjoy having classes over at the votech where can I enjoy the FFA and all of its fun activities. I really enjoy the Barnwarming dance and the race to be king and queen candidate. I like to work for the Barnwarming money. I also like to work with fellow members on the jobs, which are given to us by the community. Thank you for your support and give your odd jobs to the juniors.

 Hello! My name is Mindy. I am a junior at CHS, and a third year member of the Chillicothe FFA chapter. My SAE project is dairy cattle. Although, it is hard work I enjoy getting my cows ready and showing them at the local Livingston County Fair every July. I have been showing dairy for about five years. 
I enjoy being in the FFA for many reasons, some of which are the opportunities I get to achieve my goals, learning leadership skills, and meeting new people.Other activities I participate in besides FFA are band (Chili Peppers), Hunting and Fishing Club, and I am involved at Frontline, the youth group at Calvary Baptist Church.
Hello my name is Michael. I am a sophomore at Chillicothe High School. I am a member of the Chillicothe FFA Chapter. My SAE project was three crossbred market gilts, which I housed at the Litton Center. I exhibited my three market gilts at the Livingston County fair, Jamesport fair, and Trenton fair. I got three blue ribbons at county fair; I also got two gold ribbons at Trenton fair. I sold one of my hogs and butchered the other two. I played baseball this summer for SPA, the name of the team was the Bandits we won districts and got second at state.
 Hi! My name is Kylie. I am currently a junior at CHS and a third year member of the FFA. After high school I plan to attend college. At college I plan to receive my nursing degree as either an OB Nurse or and ICU Nurse.

Over the past two years of being in FFA, I participated in several FFA activities. Activities that I have participated in American Royal, going to FFA Camp at the Lakes of the Ozarks, I also attend many of the monthly meetings. Through FFA activities I have had the pleasure of meeting many new friends.

My SAE project is a steer. My steer is located at my grandparentís farm. Working with a steer is hard, but challenging work. Every year my family and I show our steers at our local county fair. Having an SAE project helps us as students to be more organized, to keep records, and to become more responsible. All these qualities are needed in the future when we are out on our own.

Being in the FFA had given me an opportunity to be involved not only in the classroom but also in the community. Participating in the FFA has been an enjoyable experience. I strongly would recommend others thinking of joining to join. You wonít experience anything like the FFA. 

Hello, my name is Brandon. I am a junior at Chillicothe High School and a third year member of the Chillicothe FFA Chapter. I have earned my Chapter Degree and am currently enrolled in one Ag Class, Ag Science Large Animal, at the Grand River Technical School. Following Graduation, I plan to either join the union as a welder or go on to college.

During my sophomore year in FFA, I had a lot of fun and learned even more than I did my freshman year. I received my chapter degree, another gold eagle award, and Bargain Bin/Watt-Mizer Award. This year, I plan to become more involved in the organization to earn another Gold Eagle Award. My SAE project is working in yard maintenance, and I have thoughts about adding another project later that will involve either a type of fowl and/or horse.

I have really enjoyed being a member of FFA and encourage others to do the same. We have learned many skills that will help us later in our lives. I plan on completing all four years in FFA, and if you join, I hope you do the same.

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