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State Trapshoot
April 26, 2007

During the 06-07 school year the Chillicothe FFA Chapter has been involved in the shotgun shooting sports discipline. They have had practices and competitions during the school year. The year ended in attending the State High School/FFA Trapshoot in Linn Creek, MO at the Missouri Trapshooters Association venue. The students enjoyed the day even though it was cold and rainy.

The team of Tyler Dietzschold, Lance Surber, Amber Kieffer, Jacob Ballard, and Lance Williams placed first in the Area 2 division of the FFA Shoot. The high person for the day for Chillicothe was Andy Harbert of the FFA team #2 with an 85 out of 100 score. The chapter will be receiving a plaque for placing in the Area 2 division.

The objectives of the program are to involve students in the highest standards of safety, sportsmanship, and ethical behavior, along with safe and responsible use of firearms. Also, the program helps to develop self-confidence, personal discipline, sportsmanship, and teamwork.

The trapshooting team would like to thank the following sponsors, Chillicothe FFA, Chillicothe R-2 School District, GRTS administration, Larry Meyers, Eugene Melte of Chillicothe Body Repair, and Jim Schwartz of Medicine Creek Trading Co.

Pictured above is the Chillicothe FFA Trapshooting Team #3.
They are Dalton McMullen, Zach Tate, Brady Vaughn, Derrick Scott, and Kyle Ulmer.

Pictured above is the Chillicothe FFA Trapshooting Team #2.
They are Trevor Meyers, Clayton Allen, Jamie Cunningham, Andy Harbert, and Justin Hullinger.

Pictured above is the Chillicothe FFA Trapshooting Team #1. 
They are Lance Williams, Lance Surber, Tyler Dietzschold, Amber Kieffer, and Jacob Ballard.

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State FFA Convention
April 23, 2007

Once again a successful year! This year at the 79th State Convention students participated from Chillicothe, Bosworth, Southwest, and Hale.

The Ag Sales team placed 11th with a group I rating, including Xandria Colvin, Amanda DeBey, Geana Gates and Jacob Vadnais. The Farm Management team placed 12th, and also earned a group II rating. The team included Katie Daugherty, Kyle Gramenz, Rebecca Kerr (10th high individual-group I), and Allie Peters. The Ag Mechanics team placed 19th with a group II rating, including team members, Jared Allen, Brandon Duckworth, Wade Judy, and Clifton Lauhoff. The Knowledge team placed 18th with a group II rating. The team included Jon Black, Amber Kieffer, Lauren Melte (group I individual), and Brooke Westcott. The Agronomy team placed 27th, with a group II rating, including team members, Cory Huffman, Frank McCloud, Wayn Sisk, and Waylen Wright. The Dairy Cattle Team placed 4th, with a group I rating, the team included Koda DeWeese, Sam Kieffer, Morgan Quinn (1st high individual-group I), and Brooklyn Shearer. The Dairy Foods team placed 16th with a group II rating, the team included Austin Cassity, Emily Sallee (group I individual), Marshall Suchland, and Travis Swank.

The Livestock team placed 19th, with a group I rating, including team members, Trent BeVelle, Jaryn Black (group I individual), Jamie Cunningham (group I individual), and Kyle Pittman (group I individual). The Parliamentary Procedure team placed 5th; the team included Colton Allen, Maddie Anderson, Jaimie Baker, Juliane Beck, Tyler Dietzschold, Angela Quick, Ben Radcliff, and Beth Skipper.

In Public Speaking Division II Meredith Jones group I rating, Amber Kieffer group I in Division I public speaking and Rebecca Kerr received 4th place in Extemporaneous Speaking.

This year their were three state winning proficiency awards, those winners were Rebecca Kerr – Agriculture Education, Ethan Beck Fiber - Oil Crop Production, and Matt Crawford – Wildlife Management Placement. Eleven members received their State Degree; those members are Ethan Beck, Alex Crane, Katie Daugherty, Geana Gates, Wade Judy, Rebecca Kerr, Clifton Lauhoff, Shelby Moss, Kourtnie Parks, Allie Peters, and Andrea Williams. Two members participated in the State FFA Choir; those members were Amy Hobbs and Jacob Vadnais. Part of the Chillicothe FFA officer team performed a skit for FFA talent entitled “FFA Idol”.

Congratulations to all of the FFA members who participated on any contest team this year. Your hard work is a credit to each of you as individuals.

Chillicothe FFA earns 9th place in the Top Chapter Award

Chillicothe FFA placed ninth out of 302 chapters in the state, earning a Top Chapter Award at the 79th Missouri FFA Convention. Only 10 percent of state chapters receive the Top Chapter Award each year.
Chillicothe has many activities that promote student activities that promote student development.

Students begin their first year by reciting the FFA Creed in class. In upper level classes students deliver prepared public speeches. Another important activity for the chapter is it’s annual banquet. Last year, more than $8,500 in scholarships and awards were presented and more than 400 people attended the banquet. The chapter also attended the American Royal Rodeo and concert in 2006.

Chapter development activities included an eighth grade recruitment assembly and a picnic for students who plan to enroll in agricultural education. The chapter members also raised more than $25,000 by working odd jobs for area residents as part of their annual fundraiser. Chapter officers attended a two-day retreat to help them develop goals for the chapter, participated in leadership sessions and conducted team-building activities. Chillicothe community development activities included development of demonstration wetland, pond, terraces, riparian strip, outdoor classroom and compost recycling center. The chapter also hosts more than 800 students on environmental or agriculture related field trips. In addition, members give Food for America presentations to more than 700 elementary students. In order to make the community aware of agriculture, the chapter also hosts judging clinics, petting zoos, and adopt-a-pig program.

The top chapters are submitted to the National FFA Organization where they compete for the National FFA Chapter Award. The competition will be held this fall at the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Missouri FFA Association has more than 23,000 members. More than 7,000 FFA members and guests attended the annual state convention held April 19-20 in Columbia. FFA strives to make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

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District Contest
April 3, 2007

On April 3, 2007 the Chillicothe FFA Chapter participated in the Northwest District FFA Contest. The results are as follows: Parliamentary Procedure, 1st place gold-Colton Allen, Maddie Anderson, Jaimie Baker, Tyler Dietzschold, Angela Quick, Ben Radcliff, Juliane Beck-Alt., Beth Skipper-Alt.; Extemporaneous Speaking 1st place gold – Rebecca Kerr; Prepared Public Speaking Division I 1st place gold-Amber Kieffer; Prepared Public Speaking Division II 2nd place gold-Meredith Jones; Knowledge Team 2nd place gold - Clayton Allen-Alt., Jon Black (5th high individual), Amber Kieffer, Lauren Melte (2nd high individual), Baillee Schneiders-Alt., Zach Thompson-Alt., Brooke Wescott. All members participating in the FFA contest will be participating at the state level on April 19 & 20.

On April 5, 2007 the Chillicothe FFA Chapter participated in the Northwest District Ag Contest. The results are as follows: Agriculture Mechanics 1st place (state)- Jared Allen, Brandon Duckworth (1st high individual), Wade Judy (9th high individual), Clifton Lauhoff; Agriculture Sales 2nd place (state)- Xan Colvin (10th high individual), Amanda DeBey (8th high individual), Geana Gates, Jacob Vadnais (4th high individual); Agronomy 11th place (state)- Cory Huffman, Frank McCloud, Wayne Sisk, Waylen Wright; Dairy Foods 7th place (state)- Aaron Kerr, Marshall Suchsland, Emily Sallee, Shelby Hargrave, Austin Cassity, Travis Swank (3rd high individual), Tyler Skipper, Blake Reed; Dairy Cattle 8th place (state)- Koda DeWeese, Sam Kieffer, Morgan Quinn, Brooklyn Shearer; Entomology 24th place- Kyle Galbrecth, Cody Spease, Trevor Wagy; Farm Management 6th place (state)- Ethan Beck-Alt., Katie Daugherty, Kyle Gramenz, Rebecca Kerr (5th high individual), Allie Peters; Floriculture 20th place- Marc Griffith-Alt., Justin Hullinger-Alt., Meredith Jones, Kyle Mason-Alt., Marlois Mason, Hannah Stilwell, Kristen Swartz; Forestry 14th place- Jeff Bowman, Marcus Cummings, Tim Danner, Matt Stirling; Horses 15th place- Brittany Webb-Barron, Ashley Brown, Katie Eggers, Zac Ireland; Livestock 1st place (state)- Trent BeVelle, Jaryn Black (1st high individual), Jamie Cunningham (8th high individual), Kyle Pittman; Meats 11th place - Shane Cooper, Jake McKenzie, Jeff Mollohan, Matt Stirling-Alt., Clayton Vadnais; Nursery/Landscape 13th place- Levi Barton, Tyler Jeske, Steve Johnson, Cindy Jones; Poultry 11th place- Megan Hall, Kellin Ferguson, Cameron Lollar, Jake Meyers; Soils 11th place- Zach Colvin, Camie Griffin, Trevor Meyers, Lance Williams. The teams that qualified will be participating at state contest on April 19th and 20th, in Columbia, MO.

The Chillicothe FFA fielded 17 teams and 3 speakers at District Agriculture and FFA Career Development Events on April 3rd and 5th. A total of 75 students competed from the Chillicothe FFA. The career development events were held at Northwest Missouri State University and Cameron High School. 325 teams consisting of nearly 1350 students from 49 different schools competed this year.

Local FFA members brought home 11 tenth place or higher honors. Two of these were 1st place honors. Chillicothe FFA qualified 8 teams for State FFA Convention. The convention is to be held on the campus of the University of Missouri on April 19 & 20, 2007 in Columbia, MO. The local chapter is part of the Agricultural Education Program at the Grand River Technical School and is composed of students from Bosworth, Chillicothe, Hale, and Southwest high schools.

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Area II Contest
March 27, 2007

On March 27, 2007, the Chillicothe FFA Chapter participated in the Area II FFA Contest. The speaking results are: Creed Speakers: Jon Black –gold, Alexis Sykes-gold; Prepared Public Speaking Division II Speakers: Jacob Caughron-Alternate and a gold, Tyler Dietzschold-silver, and Meredith Jones-3rd place and a gold; Prepared Public Speaking Division I: Amber Kieffer-3rd place and a gold; Advanced Prepared Public Speaking: Jacob Vadnais-silver; Extemporaneous Speaking: Rebecca Kerr-2nd place and gold. FFA books Completed Ownership: Jenny Summers-gold; Completed Placement: Zach Colvin-silver; Beginning Ownership: Tyler Cunningham-silver; Beginning Placement: Zach Tate-gold; Scrapbook: Maddie Anderson, Jaimie Baker, Juliane Beck, Tyler Dietzschold, Camie Griffin, Meredith Jones, Trevor Meyers, Angela Quick, Ben Radcliff, Beth Skipper, and Lance Williams-gold. Parliamentary Procedure team: Colton Allen, Maddie Anderson, Jaimie Baker, Juliane Beck (alternate), Tyler Dietzschold, Angela Quick, Ben Radcliff, and Beth Skipper (alternate)-1st place and a gold.

Parli Pro - Jaimie Baker, Tyler Dietzschold, Ben Radcliff, Juliane Beck;
Beth Skipper, Colton Allen, Maddie Anderson, Angela Quick

Alexis Sykes, Jon Black

Div II - Tyler Dietzschold, Meredith Jones
Jacob Caughron

Following Area Contest the Area Recognition Night was held. The following individuals were recognized: Rebecca Kerr – 1st place Agriculture Education; Clifton Lauhoff – 1st place Ag Mechanics Repair & Maintenance; Tim Danner – 1st place Ag Mech Energy Systems; Justin Head – 2nd place Agricultural Processing; Alex Crane – 3rd place Agriculture Sales; Amanda DeBey – 1st place Emerging Ag Technology; Ethan Beck – 2nd place Environmental Science & Natural Resources; Ethan Beck – 1st place Oil & Fiber Crop Production; Xandria Colvin – 2nd place Outdoor Recreation; Tyler Hibner – 2nd place Forest Management & Products; Shane Cooper – 2nd place Grain Production Entrepreneurship; Rebecca Kerr – 3rd place Specialty Crop Production; Jake McKenzie – 1st place Vegetable Production; Zac Ireland – 1st place Swine Production Placement; Matt Crawford – 1st place Wildlife Management Placement. All first place winners will compete at the state level on April 19, 2007 in Columbia, Missouri.

Div I
Amber Kieffer 

Jacob Vadnais 

Rebecca Kerr

The Area Degree recipients were also recognized. The following individuals received their Area Degree: Geana Gates, Clifton Lauhoff, Rebecca Kerr, Andrea Williams, Ethan Beck, Amanda DeBey, Wade Judy, Alex Crane, Katie Daugherty, Allie Peters, Shelby Moss, and Kourtnie Parks.

The retirement ceremony and induction of the new Area II officers took place. Rebecca Kerr Area II 2006-2007 Vice President retired and Jamie Cunningham Area II 2007-2008 Treasurer was inducted.

Area 2 Officer Elected
March 14, 2007

On March 14, 2007 Jamie Cunningham was selected as an Area 2 Officer. Jamie will serve as the Area 2 Treasurer for the 2007-2008 year.

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Spring Speaking Results
March 8, 2007

On March 8, 2007 the Chillicothe FFA Chapter held their local speaking contest. The local speaking contest was held in order to determine who the chapter will send to the Area 2 FFA Contest. Area contest will be held on March 27, 2007 in Gallatin. Also, we selected the Chillicothe candidates to send to Area and State Officer Interviews. Results are listed below.

CREEDFront Row - Jaryn Black, Jacob Vadnais; Back Row - Austin Crane, Allie Peters, Amanda DeBey, Kyle Pittman (Advanced)
Jon Black – 1st place
Lauren Melte – Alternate
Alexis Sykes – 1st place Southwest

Amber Kieffer – 1st place

Jacob Caughron – 1st place Hale
Tyler Dietzschold – 1st place Chillicothe
Jaimie Baker – alternate Chillicothe
Meredith Jones – 1st place Southwest

Jacob Vadnais – 1st placeKatie Eggers, Brooklyn Shearer, Rebecca Kerr, Jamie Cunningham (Extemp)
Jaryn Black – Alternate

Rebecca Kerr – 1st place
Katie Eggers – Alternate

Jamie Cunningham

Rebecca Kerr

Meredith Jones, Jaimie Baker, Maddie Anderson, Angela Quick, Zach Colvin, Tyler Dietzschold, Jacob Caughron, Juliane Beck (Prepared Div II)

Jon Black, Amber Kieffer, Kendra Ballantyne, Shelby Hargrave, Lauren Melte, Kellin Ferguson, Aaron Kerr, Not Pictured Alexis Sykes (Creed)

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Food Check-Out Day

On February 6, 2007, the Chillicothe FFA Chapter provided their services to help the Livingston County Farm Bureau promote the Food Check-Out Day. Students greeted customer at the local Hy-Vee and Piggly Wiggly to explained what the Food Check-Out Day was all about. Food Check-Out day is the 37th day of the year; this day is how long it take most Americans to earn enough money to pay for their food for the entire year. American farmers provide safe, affordable food. The Livingston County Farm Bureau also provided a mug and a $37 check to the 37th customer to walk through the door on that day.

Redford - Piggly Wiggly winner
L to R - Lindy Scott, Willa Redford, Heather Doss

Hanson - Hy-Vee winner
L to R - Angela Quick, Kyle Hanson,
Bobbie Hanson, Juliane Beck

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Bowling Party

On January 28, 2007, Chillicothe FFA members went to Fast Lanes for their January meeting. Approximately 80 members attended the bowling party.

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Greenhand Motivational Conference
01 05 07

On Friday, January 5, 2007, 56 Chillicothe FFA Freshman attended the Northwest District Greenhand Motivational Conference at the Missouri Western Campus in St. Joe, Missouri. Through interactive workshops and skits, Missouri State FFA Officers used a theme of Steps to Success to motivate Greenhands, who are first year FFA members. They helped the new agriculture students set goals for their education, careers and FFA experiences.

The front row contains the Missouri State FFA Officers that conducted the conference.

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Christmas Party

On December 6, 2006, the Chillicothe FFA held their annual Christmas Party at the Chillicothe Middle School. This party represents a reward for members on an excellent Barnwarming this year as well as a time for fellowship. The members enjoyed dinner and then moved into the field house for some games. Members played basketball, dodge ball, volleyball, and had other activities. The students also held a canned food drive and collected 10 boxes of canned food items. There were approximately 100 members present and everyone seemed to enjoy the evening.


Members delivering canned food items to the Salvation Army

Members playing dodge ball

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Missouri Speech Contest Results

On December 3, 2006 Tyler Dietzschold participated in the 2006 Missouri Sheep Producers FFA Public Speaking Contest were he received 2nd place. The contest was held at the MO Sheep Producers annual conference in Tan-Tar-a, Missouri. Tyler received a plaque and a $50 from the Sheep Producers.

Tyler Dietzschold and Doug Gehring,
Executive Director of Missouri Sheep Producers

Charles Kruse - MO Farm Bureau
President and Rebecca Kerr

On December 3, 2006 Rebecca Kerr participated in the 2006 Missouri Farm Bureau FFA Public Speaking Contest were she received 1st place. The contest was held at the MO Farm Bureau annual conference in Tan-Tar-a, Missouri. Rebecca received a plaque and a $125 from the Farm Bureau.

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November FFA Meeting

On November 15, 2006 the Chillicothe FFA Chapter held their annual November meeting in cooperation with the Chillicothe High School Hunting and Fishing Club. This year students enjoyed bon fire, hot dog roast, food, and a safety program. The Linn County Sheriff, Tom Parks, put on a program for the members regarding the Linn County Sheriff Department K-9 unit. The program included how the dog was obtained, how the dog helps search for people and drugs, they gave a drug search demonstration, and spoke on careers.


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Fall Speaking Contest

On November 8, 2006, Chillicothe FFA students participated in the Area 2 Fall Speaking Contest in Gallatin. Rebecca Kerr competed in the Missouri Farm Bureau Contest, Jaryn Black competed in the Missouri Pork Producers Contest, Morgan Quinn competed in the Missouri Institute of Cooperatives Contest, and Tyler Dietzschold competed in the Missouri Sheep Producers Contest. All four members qualified to move on to the district competition.

At the Northwest District competition, held on November 15, 2006 in Cameron, Rebecca Kerr received first in Missouri Farm Bureau competition, Jaryn Black received third in the Missouri Pork Producers competition, Morgan Quinn received third in the Missouri Institute of Cooperatives competition and Tyler Dietzschold received first in the Missouri Sheep Producers competition. Rebecca Kerr and Tyler Dietzschold will move on to the state competition, which will be held on December 3, 2006.

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National FFA Convention

National FFA Band

Xandria Colvin represented the Chillicothe FFA Chapter as well as the Missouri FFA when she participated in the National FFA Band at the 2006 National FFA Convention, October 25-28, 2006, in Indianapolis, IN. Xan was selected as one of the flute players based upon her audition tapes and recommendations from her high school band directors to be a part of the 100 members; the National FFA Band was composed of students from all across the United States. As part of the National FFA Band, Xan put in long hours rehearsing and providing the entertainment at each of the general sessions of the National FFA Convention. Xan has been playing the flute for seven years and is currently part of the CHS Band, CHS Honors Band, the NW District Band, and the First Baptist Orchestra. Xan said, “The National FFA Band allows people from everywhere, with all different talents, to come together to make something great.” Congratulations to Xan on an outstanding job of representing Missouri and the Chillicothe FFA!

American FFA Degree Recipients

Indianapolis, Indiana – Jessica Black, Brett Grozinger, Jason Quick, and Nancy Ried, members of the Chillicothe FFA Chapter, recently received the American Degree. Earning the degree means Jessica, Brett, Jason, and Nancy are of a select group of individuals to be recognized for years of academic and professional excellence. The honor was presented on October 28, 2006 at the 79th National FFA Convention, held in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The American Degree recognizes demonstrated leadership ability and outstanding achievements in agricultural business, production, processing, or service programs. To be eligible, members must have earned and productively invested $7,500 through a supervised agricultural experience (SAE) program in which they start, own, or hold a professional position in an existing agriculture enterprise. Recipients must also make it their mission to demonstrate outstanding leadership abilities and community involvement. Each award recipient receives a gold American FFA Degree key, certificate and a wallet ID card.

Chillicothe FFA Chapter Receives National Ranking

The National FFA Organization recently selected from a pool of more than 600 candidates nationwide the CHILLICOTHE FFA CHAPTER as a 3-star winner in the National FFA Chapter Award program. The chapter attended the 79th National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, October 25-28, 2006 to accept this award.

The National FFA Chapter Award program recognizes FFA chapter for developing and conducting a detailed Program of Activities (POA). Each activity provides opportunities for members to excel in one of three areas: student, chapter or community development. Every year, chapters are recognized as having earned a one-, two-, or three-star rating on their application. The three-star rating is the highest level of accomplishment a chapter may achieve.

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Agri-Science Students Prepare for Future Success
October 25-28, 2006

Indianapolis, IN. Tyler Dietzschold, a member of the Chillicothe FFA Chapter of Chillicothe, MO, competed in the National FFA Agriscience Fair program. The event was held during the 79th National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, IN, October 25-28. Participants from 40 associations defended their projects against other entries for juding in 20 divisions. Tyler’s project was a part of Division I – Zoology. There were 17 participants in that division and he placed 4th.

Click for a closer view.

Tyler’s project, The Effect of Percent Lysine on Backfat, Loin Eye Area, and Average Daily Gain, was on display a the convention in the National FFA Agriscience Fair area of the FFA National Agricultural Career Show. Categories for competition were Biochemistry/microbiology/food science; botany; engineering; environmental science and zoology. The four divisions divide students in grades 7-12. The agriscience fair program is sponsored by Ford Motor Company Fund as a special project of the National FFA Foundation. It is one of many ways FFA combines classroom teaching and hands-on learning to prepare youth for future success.

FFA is a national youth organization of 490,017 student members preparing for leadership and careers in science, business and technology of agriculture with 7,210 local chapters in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. The Chillicothe FFA Chapter is a part of the agricultural education program at the Grand River Technical School and includes students from Bosworth, Breckenridge, Chillicothe, Hale, and Southwest High Schools.

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Greenhand Ceremony
October 18, 2006

On October 18, 2006, 53 Greenhands of the Chillicothe FFA Chapter attended the Area 2 Greenhand Initiation Ceremony in Gallatin, Missouri. During the initiation, the Greenhands listened to the 2006 Area Creed speaker recite the creed, watch a slideshow featuring Area 2 Greenhands, watch a skit performed by the Area 2 Officer Team, and be presented their Greenhand pins during the Greenhand Ceremony.

Click to see a closer view.

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Trapshooting Comes to Chillicothe FFA
October 7, 2006

This fall the Chillicothe FFA has been involved in a shooting sports discipline – trapshooting. With the help of the Chillicothe School District, school administration, and the Missouri Department of Conservation, the FFA has begun to teach students the self-discipline and responsibility of shooting sports. The objectives are to involve students in the highest standards of safety, sportsmanship, and ethical behavior, along with safe and responsible use of firearms. Additional the program helps to develop self-confidence, personal discipline, sportsmanship, and teamwork. The students have had to pass the Missouri Department of Conservation Hunter Education program and attended one of the safety meetings sponsored by the Ag Education Department.

Recently the chapter attended a trapshoot sponsored by the University of Central Missouri at Warrensburg. The university has a school shooting facility on their university farm. The students enjoyed the day and learned a lot about competition. The Chillicothe FFA Chapter team had 16 individuals that traveled to Warrensburg and they had one squad that placed 2nd out of 52 squads that participated that day. The members of the team are looking forward to events as the fall unwinds.

Members of the Chillicothe FFA that traveled to the UCM Trapshoot: Jacob Ballard, Amber Kieffer, Clayton Allen, Dalton McMullen, Zach Tate, Justin Hullinger, Lance Surber, Derrick Scott, Jake McKenzie, Skyler Tipton, Jamie Cunningham, Tyler Dietzschold, Lance Williams, Jake Meyers, Brady Vaughn, Trevor Meyers.

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Habitat House
October 2, 2006

During the week of October 2, 2006 students from Grand River Technical School Ag Department donated their time and manpower to prepare, fertilize, seed, and mulch the Chillicothe Chamber of Commerce Habitat for Humanity house. This was made possible by the donation of wheat seed from MFA of Chillicothe; and grass seed, fertilizer, and mulch donated by the Chillicothe FFA Chapter.

Click on these two photos for a closer view.

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Parents Night
September 20, 2006

On September 20, 2006, the Chillicothe FFA held their annual Parents’ Night. This event is to help welcome the first year FFA member and their parents’ to our organization, as well as showcase some of our members’ talents. The evening began with FFA opening ceremonies followed by a welcome given by Mrs. Jayme Caughron, Grand River Technical School Assistant Director. The Chillicothe FFA Chapter officers, Chillicothe FFA Assistant Officers, and Bosworth Assistant Officers presented the program. The program consisted of the Greenhand FFA degree ceremony, Chapter FFA degree ceremony, skits presented by the Chillicothe FFA chapter officers and Chillicothe Assistant Officers, as well as 2 creeds presented by Greenhands.

Sophomores receive Chapter FFA Degree

Greenhands presenting the Creed...

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2006 Barnwarming - Another Record Setting Year!
October 23, 2006

The senior class candidates for the Chillicothe FFA Chapter's annual Barnwarming were crowned king and queen Saturday night, October 21, 2006, at the Livingston County 4-H and FFA Fairgrounds after the class raised $6,024.96 and helped the chapter earn a new all time record - $25,086.96 - in the annual fund-raising event. The previous record for funds raised in Barnwarming was set in 2004 with $23,340 raised.

Rebecca Kerr, daughter of David and Brenda Kerr, and Wade Judy, son of Dickie Judy and Wendy Wilson, were named king and queen of Barnwarming on Saturday during an evening filled with games, food, a hay tunnel and a dance. The event was held after chapter members spent several weeks of doing odd jobs around the community in an effort to raise funds.

“We did everything from painting fence posts to painting ceilings,” Barnwarming Queen Rebecca Kerr said this (Monday) morning. She added that other odd jobs included raking lots of leaves and sealing driveways. “We (the senior class) tried doing at least one job every night after school and several on the weekends,” she explained. The senior class has only 32 members in the Chillicothe FFA Chapter - the smallest of the four classes. However, the class raised an average of $188.28 per chapter member which was the highest average set by any class.

Click photo for a closer view.

The Senior Class candidates - Rebecca Kerr (daughter of David and Brenda Kerr) and Wade Judy (son of Dickie Judy and Wendy Wilson) - raised $6,024.96 with an average of $188.28/person; Junior Class candidates - Brooklyn Shearer (daughter of David and Chris Shearer) and Shane Cooper (son of Greg & Tammy Cooper and Julie Cooper) - raised $6636.00 with and average of $179.35/person; Freshmen Class candidates - Kendra Ballantyne (daughter of Jerry and Jeannie Ballantyne) and Jon Black (son of Rusty and Karie Black) - raised $7,800.50 with an average of $139.29/person; Sophomore Class candidates - Angela Quick (daughter of Paul and Pam Quick) and Colton Allen (son of Sherene Allen and Ronnie Allen) - raised $4,625.25 with an average of $98.41/person. The chapter raised $25,086 this year for the chapters operations that average out to $145.85/member.

It is Chillicothe FFA Barnwarming Time Again!
September 22, 2006

The Chillicothe FFA has selected its King and Queen Candidates for the 2006 Barnwarming. These individuals will lead the charge in the fund raising efforts of the Chillicothe FFA members. The FFA members are now available to do your odd jobs around the house and farm. Give them a call and they will organize a work team to help you in your fall cleanup activities. The class that averages the most money per member will have their candidates crowned King and Queen on October 21, 2006 at the annual Barnwarming Dance.

 Click photo for a closer view.

The candidates are as follows: Seniors, Rebecca Kerr (daughter of David and Brenda Kerr) and Wade Judy (son of Dickie Judy and Wendy Wilson; Juniors, Brooklyn Shearer (daughter of David and Chris Shearer) and Shane Cooper (son of Greg & Tammy Cooper and Julie Cooper); Sophomores, Angela Quick (daughter of Paul and Pam Quick) and Colton Allen (son of Sherene Allen and Ronnie Allen); Freshmen, Kendra Ballantyne (daughter of Jerry and Jeannie Ballantyne) and Jon Black (son of Rusty and Karie Black).

The chapter has set a goal to raise $14,000 this year for chapter operations. If you have any type of job please give an FFA member a call or call one of the advisors at the Grand River Technial School at 646-3414.

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Local FFA Members Attend Missouri Leadership Conference in Springfield
August 4-5, 2006

Members from the Chillicothe FFA Chapter recently attended the Missouri FFA Association’s Leadership Adventure in Springfield. It was held August 4-5 at the University Plaza Hotel and Convention Center.

Agricultural careers, leadership development, and positive role models were the focus of the 17th annual conference. Nearly 300 members and advisors attended the conference from 55 chapters across Missouri. Over 4,500 Missouri FFA members have attended the conference since its beginning in 1990.

According to Event Coordinators Marvin and Karen Hoskey, “This was an excellent opportunity for Missouri FFA members to interact with other chapter, state, and national leaders. It was a wonderful way for many of the FFA members to wrap up their summer vacation and get geared up for the new school year.” The leadership training staff was headed by Andrew McCrea, a former state and national officer from Missouri. Other former state and national officers joined McCrea in the leadership training sessions, which were conducted for two groups. Those attending for the first time were part of the session titled, “Advancing New Frontiers,” while returnees to the conference were part of “Starting the Expedition Process.”

Attending the conference from the local FFA chapter were: Maddie Anderson, Jayrn Black, Jaimie Baker, Xandria Colvin, Jamie Cunningham, Camie Griffin, Meredith Jones, Beth Skipper, and Brittany Dawn Webb-Barron.

The state officers are Nathan Schreider and James Allen.

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North Central Missouri Show Pig Bonanza 2006
June 3 and 4, 2006

On June 3 and 4, 2006 the Livingston County 4-H & FFA Fairgrounds hosted three swine shows. There was approximately 400 head of hogs shown at this weekend’s event. On Saturday morning the show was sponsored by the Missouri Swine Youth Supports there was approximately 160 head of hogs at this show. The results of the show were Supreme Gilt went to Chris Peuster, Reserve Supreme Gilt went to Katie Viets, Supreme Barrow went to Katie Viets, Reserve Supreme Barrow went to Ashleigh Hayes, Junior Showmanship went to Katie Viets, and Senior Showmanship went to Nick Curtis.

The Saturday night show was the Missouri Elite Breed Spectacular, this show was sponsored by Certified Pedigree Swine, Chillicothe State Bank, Davis Livestock, Davis Spot Farm, J.R. Reid Show Pigs, Trophy Boar Stud, Whitehead Spots, Travel Tyme/Pap’s Primitive, Oram Family Spot, Diamond J Livestock, Gail and Garett Reid Families, and Randy Derr. The results are Champion Berkshire Gilt went to Jenni Still, Reserve Champion Berkshire Gilt went to Joe Rittman, Champion Chester Gilt went to Jenny Smith, Reserve Champion Chester Gilt went to Rita Clay, Champion Poland Gilt went to Erin Croy, Reserve Champion Poland Gilt went to Erin Croy, Champion Spot Gilt went to Stephan Schafer, Reserve Spot Gilt went to Blaine Thornton, Champion Berkshire Barrow went to Andrea Gaisea, Reserve Champion Berkshire Barrow went to Lance Williams, Champion Chester Barrow went to Jenny Smith, Reserve Champion Chester Barrow went to Jenny Smith, Champion Poland Barrow went to Clay Wooldridge, Reserve Champion Poland Barrow went to Kati Viets, Champion Spot Barrow went to Nick Curtis, Reserve Spot Barrow went to Katie Martin.

Sunday morning the Chillicothe FFA Alumni hosted the North Central Missouri Show Pig Bonanza were there were approximately 215 head of hogs. The sponsors of this show were Bank Midwest, Brammer Show Pigs, Brooke Brothers, Century 21 EST, Chillicothe Animal Hospital, Chillicothe State Bank, Chula Farmers Coop, Citizens Bank & Trust, Croy Show Pigs, Davis Livestock, Grand River Technical School, Hutchinson & Co., J.R. Reid Show Pigs, KMZU Radio, Lauhoff Jewelry, Pioneer HiBred Seed, MFA Agri-Service, Brotherton Farms, Wolf Farms, Rudasill Farms LLC, Ag Venture, Simms Show Pigs, Wolf Brothers, FEC, T & R Soil Service, Livingston Co. TV & Appliance, Cunningham Plumbing Co., Williams Farms, Roberts Law Office, Heinold Hog Market, Trans Ova Genetics, Barnes Baker Motors, Hoffman-Reed Inc, TLD Livestock, Constitution Tribute, Dean Machinery, and American Family Insurance – Janet McCauslin. The results of this show are Supreme Champion Gilt went to Taylor Bennett, Reserve Supreme Champion Gilt went to Harley Woolridge, Supreme Champion Barrow went to Matt Tiemann, Reserve Supreme Champion Barrow went to Danielle Heimsoth, Junior Showmanship went to Taylor Loges, and Senior Showmanship went to Matt Tiemann.

Reserve Champion

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Officer Team Leadership Training Workshop
Thursday, May 25, 2006

On May 25, 2006 the Chillicothe FFA Officer Team participated in the Area II Leadership Training Workshop. Members of the officer team participated in the best dressed contest, rituals contest, leadership sessions, and workshops on their specific office.

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Pictured: Jacob Vadnais, Allie Peters, Rebecca Kerr, Ethan Beck, Trent BeVelle, Jamie Cunningham, Xandria Colvin, Brittany Webb Barron, Andrea Williams, Jaryn Black, Geana Gates, Katie Eggers

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