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State FFA Convention 2008

Once again a successful year! This year at the 80th State Convention students participated from Chillicothe, Bosworth, Southwest, and Hale.

  • The Ag Sales team placed 10th with a group II rating, including Jamie Cunningham, Kaley Graham, Wendee Prindle, and Brooklyn Shearer.

  • The Farm Management team placed 4th, and earned a group I rating. The team included Jaryn Black, Frank McCloud, Jake McKenzie, and Morgan Quinn.

  • The Ag Mechanics team placed 42nd with a group II rating, including team members, Zac Ireland, Jeff Mollohan, Adam Perry, and Clayton Vadnais.

  • The Horse team placed 18th with a group II rating. The team included Maddie Anderson, Jaimie Baker, Jacob Caughron, and Lauren Mustain.

  • The Livestock team placed 4th, with a group I rating, including Tyler Dietzschold, Meredith Jones, Angela Quick, and Ben Radcliff.

  • The Parliamentary Procedure team placed 5th with a group I rating; the team included Jon Black, Kellin Ferguson, Megan Hall (alt), Aaron Kerr, Amber Kieffer, Lauren Melte, Emily Sallee (alt), and Tyler Skipper.

  • The FFA Knowledge team placed 26th, with a group II rating, the team included Cheyenne Bannan, Carrie Boon, Lauren Dietzschold, Maycee Hoover, Konner Ferguson (alt), and Matt Goll (alt).

  • In Public Speaking Emily Sallee placed 4th in Division II public speaking, with a group I rating.

The individuals that received a group I rating at state competition were:

  • Lauren Dietzschold – Knowledge,

  • Tyler Dietzschold – Livestock,

  • Meredith Jones – Livestock,

  • Ben Radcliff – Livestock,

  • Maddie Anderson – Horses,

  • Frank McCloud – Farm Management,

  • Jaryn Black – Farm Management,

  • Jake McKenzie – Farm Management,

  • Morgan Quinn – Farm Management,

  • and Marie McMahan – Beginning Record Book.

The Chillicothe FFA Chapter also received the United Sportsmen League (USL) Award. The award consists of a $500 grant given to FFA chapters to practice conservation management in their community. This grant will be used to improve the wetlands at the Litton Agri-Science Learning Center.

Tyler Dietzshold received a Washington Leadership Conference Scholarship. This scholarship pays $300 of the $600 registration fee for Tyler to attend the Washington Leadership Conference this summer in Washington, DC.

Congratulations to all of the FFA members who participated on any contest team this year. Your hard work is a credit to each of you as individuals.

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Area II Contest Results

On March 25, 2008, the Chillicothe FFA Chapter participated in the Area II FFA Contest. The results are:

  • Creed Speakers: Matt Goll –silver, Cassie Reid-silver

  • Prepared Public Speaking Division I Speaker: Lauren Dietzschold-4th and gold

  • Prepared Public Speaking Division II Speakers: Emily Sallee-1st and gold, Alexis Sykes-3rd and gold

  • Advanced Prepared Public Speaking: Meredith Jones-3rd and gold

  • Extemporaneous Speaking: Maddie Anderson – 1st and gold

  • FFA books Completed Ownership: Brooke Westcott-silver

  • Completed Placement: Leanne Mathews-silver

  • Beginning Ownership: Konner Ferguson-gold

  • Beginning Placement: Marie McMahan-1st and gold

  • Scrapbook: Kellin Ferguson, Jon Black, Lauren Melte, Amber Kieffer, Baillie Schnieders, Tyler Skipper, Aaron Kerr and Emily Sallee -gold

  • Parliamentary Procedure team: Aaron Kerr, Jon Black, Amber Kieffer, Lauren Melte, Tyler Skipper, Kellin Ferguson, Emily Sallee (alternate), and Megan Hall (alternate)-1st place and a gold

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Area II FFA Officer Candidates

CAPTION: On March 12, 2008, the Chillicothe FFA Chapter sent two representatives to the Area II officer and state candidate interviews. Tyler Dietzschold was Chillicothe’s representative for an Area II officer. Tyler was selected as the Area II FFA President. Jaryn Black was Chillicothe’s representative for Area II State Officer Candidate. Amiee Gutshall from Trenton was selected as this year’s Area II State Officer Candidate.

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FFA Local Speaking Contest

On February 27, 2008 the Chillicothe FFA Chapter held their local speaking contest. The local speaking contest was held in order to determine who the chapter will send to the Area 2 FFA Contest. Area contest will be held on March 25, 2008 in Gallatin. Also, we selected the Chillicothe candidates to send to Area and State Officer Interviews. Results are listed below.

Matt Goll
Brooklyn Reed – Alternate

Lauren Dietzschold

Emily Sallee – 1st place Chillicothe
Leanne Mathews – 2nd place Chillicothe
Jon Black – 3rd place Chillicothe
Alexis Sykes – 1st place Southwest
Contestants – Kendra Ballantyne, Brooke Westcott, Blake Reed, Aaron Kerr, Amber Kieffer, Becca Vandevort, Tyler Skipper

Meredith Jones – 1st place
Jaryn Black – 2nd place
Contestants – Tyler Dietzschold, Steve Johnson, Frank McCloud, Juliane Beck

Maddie Anderson – 1st place
Jamie Cunningham – 2nd place
Contestants – Kellin Ferguson, Juliane Beck, Ben Radcliff, Lance Williams

Tyler Dietzschold
Contestants – Meredith Jones, Maddie Anderson, Jaimie Baker, Juliane Beck, Ben Radcliff, Lance Williams, Camie Griffin

Jaryn Black
Contestants – Morgan Quinn, Brooklyn Shearer

Pictured Left - Matt Goll, Lauren Dietzschold, Brooklyn Reed
Creed Speakers and Division I
Pictured Above - Back: Aaron Kerr, Jon Black, Tyler Skipper; Middle: Blake Reed, Becca Vandevort, Amber Kieffer, Brooke Westcott; Front: Kendra Ballantyne, Leanne Mathews, Emily Sallee
Division II
Pictured Above - Back: Morgan Quinn, Ben Radcliff, Tyler Dietzschold, Juliane Beck; Middle: Jaryn Black, Jaimie Baker, Maddie Anderson, Camie Griffin, Lance Williams; Front: Meredith Jones, Advanced Extemp. Officer

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Ag Olympics 2008
February 19, 2008, C-T

C-T Photo/Laura Schuler

CAPTION: While the temperature was frigid outside, the Chillicothe FFA members enjoyed participating in their annual Ag Olympics event this Tuesday morning, February 19, 2008, inside the Jenkins Expo Center. The event is held annually during National FFA Week, which is being observed this week. During Ag Olympics, participants divide into teams and then race to finish several ag-related tasks the fastest to be named the winners. Among the activities were nail driving, bucket carrying, tire rolling and mat dragging.

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FFA Breakfast 2008

CAPTION: FFA breakfast held Friday, February 15, 2008, at the Mervyn Jenkins Building. There were approximately 120 people served at the breakfast this year.

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Food Check-Out Day

Celebrating affordable food! That’s the consumer message for Food Check-Out Day, February 5, 2008. This date, 37 days into the year, marks the calendar day upon which the average American has earned enough income to provide food for his/her family for the entire year. 

Chillicothe FFA members spread the word about Food Check-Out Day to customers at Piggly Wiggly and Hy-Vee. Approximately 75 people per store were informed about the food check-out-day, which totaled about 150 individuals. They also awarded the 37th individual to come through the door with a travel mug and check for 37 dollars. The Livingston County Farm Bureau sponsored the prizes. The winners were Misty Wyman at Hy-Vee and Charles and Pat Greener at Piggly Wiggly.

Click on these photos to see a closer view!

Back Misty Wyman
front - Danielle, David, Sarah, and Francis
Clayton Allen, Pat Greener, Charles Greener,
and Austin Ireland

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FFA Bowling Party

On February 3, 2008, the Chillicothe FFA held their annual Bowling Party at the Fast Lane in Chillicothe. This party represents a reward for members as well as a time for fellowship. There were approximately 75 members present and everyone seemed to enjoy the afternoon.

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Missouri Fairs and Festivals Speech Contest

The MAFF Public Speaking Contest is designed to develop agricultural leadership, provide for member participation in agricultural public speaking activities, and stimulate interest in leadership and citizenship. Contestants may choose any current subject for their speeches. Which is of an agricultural character relating to county fairs and which is of general interest to the public.

Beth Skipper represented the Livingston County 4-H and FFA Fair at this contest held February 1, 2008.


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Greenhand Motivational Conference

Individuals seated in the first row are part of the Missouri State FFA Officer Team

On Wednesday, January 9, 2008, 43 Chillicothe FFA Freshman attended the Northwest District Greenhand Motivational Conference at the North Central Missouri College Campus in Trenton, Missouri. Through interactive workshops and skits, Missouri State FFA Officers used a theme of Steps to Success to motivate Greenhands, who are first year FFA members. They helped the new agriculture students set goals for their education, careers and FFA experiences.

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MO Beef Ambassador

On December 8, 2007 Meredith Jones competed in the Missouri Beef Ambassador competition. Meredith received second place and a cash award of $150. The Beef Ambassador is chosen based on the participant’s prepared speech, response to questions and a personal interview. The interviewees were asked questions to test their knowledge of the beef industry, as well as themselves and their plans for the future. The speeches could cover any aspect of the beef industry. The competition was held in Springfield, MO at the Missouri Cattleman’s annual convention.

Picture - L to R Shannon Watson (1st place), Meredith Jones (2nd place), Merle Ann Jaster (3rd Place).



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FFA Christmas Party

On December 5, 2007, the Chillicothe FFA held their annual Christmas Party at the Chillicothe Middle School. This party represents a reward for members on an excellent Barnwarming this year as well as a time for fellowship. 

The members enjoyed dinner and then moved into the field house for some games. Members played basketball, dodge ball, volleyball, and had other activities. The students also held a canned food drive and collected 8 boxed of canned food items. There were approximately 100 members present and everyone seemed to enjoy the evening.

Students playing basketball Students playing dodge ball

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Fall Speaking Contest

On November 7, 2007, Chillicothe FFA students participated in the Area 2 Fall Speaking Contest in Gallatin. Baillie Schnieders competed in the Missouri Farm Bureau Contest, Tyler Dietzschold competed in the Missouri Pork Producers Contest, Kellin Ferguson competed in the Missouri Institute of Cooperatives Contest, and Emily Sallee competed in the Missouri Sheep Producers Contest. Three of the four members qualified to move on to the district competition. At the Northwest District competition, held on November 14, 2007 in Cameron, Baillie Schnieders received third in Missouri Farm Bureau competition, Tyler Dietzschold received first in the Missouri Pork Producers competition, and Emily Sallee received third in the Missouri Sheep Producers competition. Tyler Dietzschold will move on to the state competition, which will be held on February 20, 2007.

From L to R Emily Sallee, Kellin Ferguson, Tyler Dietzschold, Baillie Schnieders
Click on photo for a closer view.

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14  Local Students Attend National FFA Convention

On October 24 through the 27, 2007, fourteen (14) members of the Chillicothe FFA Chapter attended the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, IN. The students attended many activities while in Indianapolis. The students attended leadership sessions, the career show, college fair, and convention session while at the convention hall. Other activities attended while at Indianapolis were the National FFA Center, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and PRCA Xtreme Bull Riding. Students also attended a concert featuring Danielle Peck and Montgomery Gentry.

Local members that attended the convention were Tim Danner, Ashley Brown, Koda Dewesse, Juliane Beck, Zach Colvin, Beth Skipper, Jenny Summers, Kellin Ferguson, Aaron Kerr, Jon Black, Lauren Melte, Amber Kieffer, Emily Sallee, and Marc Griffith.

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American FFA Degree Recipients

Indianapolis, Indiana – Stephen Beck, Gabrielle Gates, Tyler Jones, Tisha Nibarger, Mary Beth Reid, Abby Sallee, Rebecca Summers, and Tyler Way members of the Chillicothe FFA Chapter, recently received the American Degree. Earning the degree means Stephen, Gabrielle, Tyler, Tisha, Mary Beth, Abby, Rebecca, and Tyler are of a select group of individuals to be recognized for years of academic and professional excellence. The honor was presented on October 27, 2007 at the 80th National FFA Convention, held in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The American Degree recognizes demonstrated leadership ability and outstanding achievements in agricultural business, production, processing, or service programs. To be eligible, members must have earned and productively invested $7,500 through a supervised agricultural experience (SAE) program in which they start, own, or hold a professional position in an existing agriculture enterprise. Recipients must also make it their mission to demonstrate outstanding leadership abilities and community involvement. Each award recipient receives a gold American FFA Degree key, certificate and a wallet ID card.

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Chillicothe FFA Chapter Receives National Ranking

The National FFA Organization recently selected from a pool of more than 600 candidates nationwide the CHILLICOTHE FFA CHAPTER as a 2-star winner in the National FFA Chapter Award program. The chapter attended the 80th National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, October 24-27, 2007 to accept this award.

The National FFA Chapter Award program recognizes FFA chapter for developing and conducting a detailed Program of Activities (POA). Each activity provides opportunities for members to excel in one of three areas: student, chapter or community development. Every year, chapters are recognized as having earned a one-, two-, or three-star rating on their application.

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National FFA Courtesy Corps 

Almost any event becomes more intriguing when viewed from behind the scenes. The 80th National FFA Convention, which includes everything from arena stage events to the Day of Service and workshops for nearly 50,000 attendees, is no exception. It takes many volunteers to help make a convention of this magnitude a positive experience for all of its guests. This year approximately 900 FFA members, including students from the Chillicothe FFA Chapter, formed the National FFA Courtesy Corps. The students viewed the convention from the other side – backstage – playing a crucial role in the events logistics. Local members participating in the National FFA Courtesy Corps were Tim Danner, Ashley Brown, Koda Dewesse, Juliane Beck, Zach Colvin, Beth Skipper, Jenny Summers, Kellin Ferguson, Aaron Kerr, Jon Black, Lauren Melte, Amber Kieffer, Emily Sallee, and Marc Griffith. The 80th National FFA Convention was held October 24-27, 2007 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

“Participants in the National FFA Courtesy Corps provide valuable services for the overall convention operation,” says National FFA Advisor Dr. Larry D. Case. “FFA gains a tremendous resource, and the participants gain wonderful volunteer experience and an insight into the planning and logistics necessary to ensure a safe and successful convention. They are key to our ability to create a premier leadership and educational event for nearly 50,000 guests.”

The National FFA Organization, formerly known as the Future Farmers of America, is a national youth organization of 500,823 student members – all preparing for leadership and careers in the science, business and technology of agriculture – as part of 7,358 local FFA chapters in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The National FFA Organization changed to its present name in 1988, in recognition of the growth and diversity of agriculture and agricultural education. The FFA mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

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Area Greenhand Initiation

On October 17, 2007, forty (40) Greenhand’s of the Chillicothe FFA Chapter attended the Area 2 Greenhand Initiation Ceremony in Gallatin, MO. During the initiation the Greenhands listened to the 2007 Area Creed speaker recite the creed, watch a slide show featuring Area 2 Greenhands, listened to the Missouri FFA State President, Kabel Oaks, speak, and be presented their Greenhand pins during the Greenhand Ceremony.

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It's Chillicothe FFA Barnwarming Time Again
November 5, 2007

Barnwarming Results
Front Row seated: Brooklyn Reed, Amber Kieffer, Juliane Beck, Jaryn Black
Back Row: Zach Douglas, Jacob Ballard, Lance Williams, Jake McKenize

On Saturday, November 3, 2007 the Chillicothe FFA held its annual Barnwarming festivities. These festivities included a dance, games, a hay tunnel, and the coronation ceremony. This year’s 2007 Barnwarming King and Queen are Jake McKenzie and Jaryn Black. The Senior Class candidates – Jaryn Black (daughter of Rusty and Karie Black) and Jake McKenzie (son of son of Verlinda Hughes) raised $5,585.00 with an average of $150.95/person; Juniors Juliane Beck (daughter of David and Suzi Beck) and Lance Williams (son of David and Carla Williams) raised $5,264.75 with and average of $122.44/person; Sophomores Amber Kieffer (daughter of Robert and Michelle Kieffer) and Jacob Ballard (son of Kevin and Stephanie Ballard) raised $4,814.00 with and average of $109.41/person; Freshmen Brooklyn Reed (daughter of Rodney and Shandi Moore and Kenny Reed) and Zach Douglas (son of Cecil and Carol Douglas) raised $3,314.01 with and average of $92.05/person. The chapter raised $18,977.76 this year for the chapters operations that average out to $118.61/member.

October 3, 2007...

Barnwarming Candidates 2007!
Top L to R : Jake McKenzie (Senior), Jaryn Black (Senior)
Lance Williams (Junior); Bottom Row L to R : Jacob Ballard (Sophomore), Amber Kieffer
(Sophomore), Zach Douglas (Freshman), Brooklyn Reed (Freshman), Juliane
Beck (Junior).

The Chillicothe FFA has selected its King and Queen Candidates for the 2007 Barnwarming. These individuals will lead the charge in the fund raising efforts of the Chillicothe FFA members. The FFA members are now available to do your odd jobs around the house and farm. Give them a call and they will organize a work team to help you in your fall cleanup activities. The class that averages the most money per member will have their candidates crowned King and Queen on November 3, 2007 at the annual Barnwarming Dance.

The candidates are as follows: Seniors, Jaryn Black (daughter of Rusty and Karie Black) and Jake McKenzie (son of Verlinda Hughes); Juniors, Juliane Beck (daughter of David and Suzi Beck) and Lance Williams (son of David and Carla Williams); Sophomores, Amber Kieffer (daughter of Robert and Michelle Kieffer) and Jacob Ballard (son of Kevin and Stephanie Ballard); Freshmen, Brooklyn Reed (daughter of Rodney and Shandi Moore and Kenny Reed) and Zach Douglas (son of Cecil and Carol Douglas). The chapter has set a goal to raise $18,000 this year for chapter operations. If you have any type of job please give an FFA member a call or call one of the advisors at the Grand River Technical School at 646-3414.

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Young Agri-Leaders Meeting
September 24, 2007

On September 24, 2007, the Young Agri-Leaders (formerly Young Farm Wives) hosted a few of the Chillicothe FFA members at the Farm Credit Services Building at their monthly meeting. The members involved were: Jaryn Black, Jamie Cunningham, Katie Eggers, and Morgan Quinn. The students presented a PowerPoint presentation regarding their trip this past summer to the Washington Leadership Conference. The Agri-Leaders helped sponsor a member to attend the conference. Thank you for your support.

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Parents Night
September 19, 2007

On September 19, 2007, the Chillicothe FFA held their annual Parents’ Night. This event is to help welcome the first year FFA member and their parents’ to our organization, as well as showcase some of our members’ talents. The evening began with FFA opening ceremonies followed by a welcome given by Mr. Roger Wolf, Grand River Technical School Co-Director. The Chillicothe FFA Chapter officers, Chillicothe FFA Assistant Officers, and Bosworth Assistant Officers presented the program. The program consisted of the Greenhand FFA degree ceremony, Chapter FFA degree ceremony, skits presented by the Chillicothe FFA Chapter Officers and Chillicothe Assistant Officers, as well as 2 creeds presented by Greenhands.

L to R: Michael Wohlgemuth (Southwest), Alex Black (Southwest),
Konner Ferguson (Chillicothe), Cheyenne Bannon (Chillicothe), Ashley Meyers (Chillicothe)

L to R: Sheldon McDowell (Bosworth), Cassie Reid (Bosworth),
Justin Vanhoutan (Chillicothe), John Davis (Chillicothe), Katie Jo Ross (Chillicothe)

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Thanks to Barnes Baker Motors
September 11, 2007

FFA members gather around Barnes Baker truck

Chillicothe FFA members gather around a truck donated by Barnes Baker Motors for the FFA chapter to use this summer. The FFA members expressed their appreciation to Barnes Baker for the use of the truck. Several members are also holding plaques of various awards individual members and the entire chapter received over the summer. The Chillicothe FFA Chapter received the Swine Herdsmanship Award during the 2007 Missouri State Fair, the herdsmanship award is given to the chapter or group that is the most considerate, helpful, courteous, interaction with the public, and the tidiness of their stalls.

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Local FFA Members Attend Missouri Leadership Conference in Springfield
August 3 and 4, 2007

Members from the Chillicothe FFA Chapter recently attended the Missouri FFA Association’s Leadership Adventure in Springfield. It was held August 3-4 at the Clarion Hotel. Agricultural careers, leadership development, and positive role models were the focus of the 18th annual conference. Three hundred forty-one members and advisors registered for the conference from 60 chapters across Missouri. Nearly 5,000 Missouri FFA members have attended the conference since its beginning in 1990.

According to Conference Coordinators Marvin and Karen Hoskey, “This was an excellent opportunity for Missouri FFA members to interact with other chapter, state, and national leaders. It was a wonderful way for the FFA members to develop leadership skills as well as to learn to work in teams and get motivated for the new school year.”

The leadership training was headed by Andrew McCrea, a former state and national officer from Missouri and Corey Flournoy, a former state and national officer from Illinois. Seven current and three former state officers from Missouri along with the former state president from New Hampshire assisted in the leadership training sessions, which were conducted for two groups: (1) High School Freshmen and Sophomores exploring development of their leadership potential, and (2) Junior and Senior students seeking to maximize their leadership skills.

Attending the conference from Chillicothe were: Maddie Anderson, Juliane Beck, Jaimie Baker, Jon Black, Jacob Caughron, Tyler Dietzschold, Kellin Ferguson, Camie Griffin, Meredith Jones, Aaron Kerr, Amber Kieffer, Lauren Melte, Angela Quick, Ben Radcliff, and Emily Sallee.

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FFA Members Attend Summer Leadership Conference
Building leadership, team and citizenship skills.
June 12-17, 2007

Washington D.C. – Brittany Barron, Jaryn Black, Jeff Bowman, Jamie Cunningham, Katie Eggers, Meredith Jones, Morgan Quinn, Brooklyn Shearer, Matt Stirling, and Clayton Vadnais of the Chillicothe FFA Chapter attended the 2007 Washington Leadership Conference on June 12 – 17, 2007 in the nation’s capital. The conference is an activity of the National FFA Organization in cooperation with the US Department of Education.

The weeklong program helps FFA members improve their leadership skills and prepare for leadership roles in their chapters, communities and their future careers. They attend workshop sessions on persuasive communication, character leadership and building relationships, and participated in discussions on citizenship.

“We live in an increasingly competitive world,” says Dr. Larry Case, National FFA Advisor and Coordinator, Agricultural and Rural Education with the U.S. Department of Education. “Tomorrow’s leaders must develop skills in these areas to effectively compete. Every student leaves the Washington Leadership Conference with an advantage because it gives those young people cutting-edge leadership skills and valuable insight for productive citizenship.”

The National FFA Organization coordinates the Conference, which attracts participants from across the country. This summer, more than 2300 FFA members will attend one of the conference’s seven weeklong sessions.

Students also increase their understanding of the nation’s heritage with visits to Arlington National Cemetery, the Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt Memorials and other historic sights in Washington, D.C.

A highlight of the week was a visit to the office Congressman Sam Graves of Missouri. His discussion with the students was very interesting.

The members from Chillicothe had sponsorship from the following organizations, Constitution-Tribune, Chillicothe Agri-Leaders (Young Farm Wives), TransOva Genetics, American Family Insurance-Janet McCauslin, Chillicothe FFA Alumni and Josh Quinn Memorial sponsored by DQ Precision Planting and Tillage (George & Marta Quinn and Doug and Barb Doughty). The group would like to thank these sponsors for their help with the trip.

FFA’s mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education. Chillicothe FFA is a part of the Agricultural Education Program at the Grand River Technical School and is composed of students from Bosworth, Chillicothe, Hale and Southwest schools.

Attending the Leadership Conference in Washington were Back L to R Jamie Cunningham, Brooklyn Shearer, Matt Stirling, Morgan Quinn, Clayton Vadnais and Jason Davis - WLC Staff; Front L to R Jeff Bowman, Brittany Webb-Barron, Meredith Jones, Katie Eggers and Jaryn Black.

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Pig Show Extravaganza
June 2-3, 2007

Carter WardOn June 2 and 3, 2007 the Livingston County 4-H & FFA Fairgrounds-Jenkins Expo Building hosted three swine shows. There was approximately 400 head of hogs shown at this weekend’s event. On Saturday morning the show was sponsored by the Missouri Swine Youth Supports there was approximately 160 head of hogs at this show. The results of the show were Supreme Gilt went to Troy Sloan, Reserve Supreme Gilt went to Kati Viets, Supreme Barrow went to Kayla Mitchell, Reserve Supreme Barrow went to Ashleigh Hayes, Junior Showmanship went to Katie Viets, and Senior Showmanship went to Bailey Pope.

The Saturday night show was the Missouri Elite Breed Spectacular, this show was sponsored by Certified Pedigree Swine, Chillicothe State Bank, Davis Livestock, Davis Spot Farm, J.R. Reid ShowLauren Deitzschold Pigs, Whitehead Spots, Travel Tyme/Pap’s Primitive, Oram Family Spot, Diamond J Livestock, Gail and Garett Reid Families, and Randy Derr. The results are Champion Berkshire Gilt went to Taylor McGaugh, Reserve Champion Berkshire Gilt went to Andrea Gaiser, Champion Chester Gilt went to Blake Peters, Reserve Champion Chester Gilt went to Aaron O’Donnell, Champion Poland Gilt went to Keegan Brewer, Reserve Champion Poland Gilt went to Cheyenne Hunt, Champion Spot Gilt went to Taylor McGaugh, Reserve Spot Gilt went to Sam Rittman, Champion Berkshire Barrow went to Joe Basinger, Reserve Champion Berkshire Barrow went to Stuart Gates, Champion Chester Barrow went to Lance Martin, Reserve Champion Chester Barrow went to Cheyenne Hunt, Champion Poland Barrow went to Spencer Thomas, Reserve Champion Poland Barrow went to Carter Ward, Champion Spot Barrow went to Taylor Loges, Reserve Spot Barrow went to Cameron Ward.

Taylor McGaughSunday morning the Chillicothe FFA Alumni hosted the North Central Missouri Show Pig Bonanza were there were approximately 215 head of hogs. The sponsors of this show were Ag Venture, American Family-Janet McCauslin, Andy Parks, Bank Midwest, Barnes Baker Motors, Brammer Show Pigs, Brooke Brothers, Brotherton Farms, Century 21 EST, Chillicothe Animal Hospital, Chillicothe State Bank, Chula Farmers Coop, Citizens Bank & Trust, Constitution-Tribune, Croy Show Pigs, Cunningham Plumbing Co., Davis Livestock, Dean Machinery, FEC, Grand River Technical School,Troy Sloan Heinold Hog Market, Hoffman-Reed Inc., Hutchinson & Co., J.R. Reid Show Pigs, KMZU Radio, Lauhoff Jewelry, Livingston TV & Appliance, Pioneer HiBred Seed, MFA Agri-Service, Roberts Law Office, Rudasill Farms LLC, Simms Show Pigs, T & R Soil Service, TLD Livestock, Trans Ova Genetics, Williams Farms, Wolf Farms, and Wolf Brothers. The results of this show are Supreme Champion Gilt went to Taylor McGaugh, Reserve Supreme Champion Gilt went to Troy Sloan, Supreme Champion Barrow went to Carter Ward, Reserve Supreme Champion Barrow went to Lauren Dietzschold, Junior Showmanship went to Katie Viets, and Senior Showmanship went to Tyler Dietzschold.

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Area II Officer Leadership Training
May 24, 2007

The Chillicothe FFA Officers attended the Area II Officer Leadership Training held at Hamilton High School on May 24, 2007. The day included a motivational workshop from the group called Chapter Officer Leadership Development Team from Columbia, MO. This group was sponsored by the FEC Services here in Chillicothe. We would like to thank them for that sponsorship. Also during the day the officer learned more about their respective office and how to work as a team. They also competed in the Best Dressed and Rituals Contest. The Chillicothe officer team brought home 1st place in both of these events.

The 07-08 officers inclulde Jaryn Black, Morgan Quinn, Brooklyn Shearer, Jaimie Baker, Merdith Jones, Jamie Cunningham, Lance Williams, Maddie Anderson, Jacob Caughron, Juliane Beck, Ben Radcliff, Tyler Dietzschold, Angela Quick, and Katie Eggers.

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